How to Improve Gut Health

Most people don’t realize that a healthy gut is vital to your overall health. A healthy gut has been linked to immune system performance, mental health, improvement of autoimmune disorders, diabetes, and even cancer. If you want to improve your overall health, improving your gut health is a good first step. Here are a few ways that you can do that.

Changing the Way You Eat

Your gut is impacted not just by what you eat, but how you eat. It is best to take small bites and chew slowly. The slower you eat your meals, the easier it will be for your gut to digest them fully. This can promote the absorption of nutrients while reducing gas and discomfort. Reducing the amount of sugar, high-fat, and processed foods can also improve gut health.

Prebiotics and Probiotics

Prebiotics and probiotics are both healthy bacteria that help improve gut health. Prebiotics are foods that generate this healthy bacteria in the gut, while probiotics are actual live bacteria. You can find prebiotics and probiotics in many different foods and supplements.

Check for Food Intolerances

You don’t have to be allergic to a food for it to be bad for you. Your body may not tolerate some foods well, contributing to poor gut health and digestive discomfort and issues. If you want to check to see if certain foods are causing a bigger problem, try keeping a food journal where you track not just what you eat, but also how you feel afterward. You may start noticing some pretty big signs of things that are causing the problem.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy is a great way to dramatically improve your gut health while you are working on making lasting lifestyle changes. Colon hydrotherapy will flush the toxins and buildup from your digestive system, improving the gut microbe and restoring gut health. Making other changes to diet and supplements can help ensure continued gut health.

If you are interested in trying colon hydrotherapy to improve your gut health, contact us today for your appointment.

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