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We’re so happy that you are on your discovery of health and healing. We’re experts in Colon Hydrotherapy
and the art of detoxification. The goal with Colon Hydrotherapy is to remove waste and toxins that have
built up over time, allowing your digestive system to function more efficiently.

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Body Flow Wellness, located in Clearwater, Florida, are the experts in Colon Hydrotherapy and the art of detoxification. We help refresh, purify and revive your body with sophisticated colon hydrotherapy treatments. 

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Colon Hydrotherapy gently fills the colon with warm triple-filtered filtered water through a small sterile rectal tube. When the water is flushed out, it carries with it any material that has built up in the large intestine(colon), waste matter, toxins and trapped gases.

The Angel of Water device open system provides  more privacy, dignity and efficacy while offering the client a more relaxing, safe and comfortable treatment session. This system allows the client more control of their treatment. One distinct advantage with the open system device is the pencil-thin rectal tube. One of the key factors is that your privacy is protected at all times, since the specially designed bed allows you to easily insert the lubricated thin rectal tube by yourself (or if you prefer, the therapist can insert the rectal nozzle for you) Many people find this deeply reassuring and comforting. Once the water flow is turned on, there is no need to interrupt the cleanse. Your colon will gently take in as much water as it can tolerate. When you feel the need to evacuate, you simply release. Because of the continuous inflow and release during the treatment, the body’s own muscles are used to provide a more natural, gentle release. At the same time, the peristalsis (action of the muscles of the colon) is greatly stimulated and this provides an excellent workout for the colon. Because of the nature of the open system, the qualified therapist does not need to be there with you all the time. This affords you as much privacy as you may desire.

Colon Hydrotherapy is safe provided you do not have any contraindications and you visit a qualified practitioner. We do recommend always having colon hydrotherapy in a clinical setting especially if you suffer from constipation, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome or you suspect any digestive condition

Colon therapy is useful for general detoxification and relief of constipation. If the large intestines becomes overloaded with toxins. It will in turn overload the liver, causing toxins to circulate in the blood, which can promote disease. A sluggish colon can cause too much bacteria to circulate in your body as toxins. The goals of each session are to hydrate the system, remove waste, and stimulate peristalsis. 

Colon Hydrotherapy is not a cure, but a valuable procedure used to assist, the body for a wide variety of different colon-related conditions. By re-toning the bowel wall and improving colon functions, the entire body is able to function more efficiently.

Only in the case of an impacted colon you may experience a some discomfort. Some cramping may occur as the colon contracts to expel waste. Once the major impaction is removed, you will find the session pleasant and relaxing.

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