How To Restore Healthy Gut Flora After Using Antibiotics

Antibiotics are commonly prescribed for bacterial infections. When you take antibiotics, they work to treat the infection by killing off the bacteria or stopping the bacteria from reproducing. Unfortunately, while antibiotics help get rid of the infection-causing bacteria, they also kill off the good bacteria in your gut. 

Balancing Good and Bad Gut Bacteria

There are around 300 to 500 species of bacteria in your digestive system. Some of these gut bacteria are necessary for the function of your metabolism and digestive system and protect you from some infections and diseases. A healthy gut also contributes to the health of your heart, brain, and immune system while helping to regulate your mood and even your quality of sleep. 

Antibiotics kill off the bacteria in your gut — both good and bad. This can disrupt the healthy balance of bacteria in your gut, leading to problems with digestion, candida (yeast) infections, and even changes in your mood. 

There are undoubtedly times when taking antibiotics is important to your health. If you have an infection or undergo certain types of surgery, antibiotics can protect your wellbeing, but it’s important to restore your healthy gut flora after a round of antibiotics.

Restoring Healthy Gut Flora After Antibiotics

There are multiple strategies that you can use to balance your gut bacteria after antibiotics, including:

  • Take probiotic supplements during and after your course of antibiotics to put good bacteria back into your gut. 
    • Choose a probiotic with S. boulardii, a beneficial yeast that isn’t affected by antibiotics. 
  • Keep your intake of sugar and artificial sweeteners low. 
  • Make sure that you get plenty of high-quality sleep. 
  • Work to manage your stress with strategies like meditation, journaling, and exercise. Stress can disrupt your gut health, so this is especially important during and after your course of antibiotics. 
  • Eat colorful cruciferous veggies and leafy greens. These veggies support healthy gut bacteria. 
  • Eat foods that are high in collagen to prevent damage to the intestinal walls caused by fungi overgrowth, which can occur as a result of antibiotics. Make sure to consume vitamin C along with collagen, as vitamin C is essential for collagen production in the body. 

If you’re struggling with digestive problems, restoring the healthy bacteria in your gut can help you find relief. But if you need extra help achieving optimal digestive function, colon hydrotherapy from Body Flow Wellness can be beneficial. Contact us today to learn more. 

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