How To Keep Your Gut Bacteria Healthy

Do you have a healthy gut? If you frequently have digestive or bowel issues, you may have some unhealthy bacteria in your gut. Like the bacteria that live on your skin, your gut should have healthy bacteria, but harmful bacteria can also enter into the mix. Most people have more bad gut bacteria which causes bloating and gas. And when that happens, you need to take measures to protect your gut health.


Probiotics are the best way to balance gut bacteria. Probiotics are available as supplements, or you can get them from Greek or fortified yogurt, as well as a other fermented food sources. Adding probiotics to your diet will balance the bacteria in your gut and improve digestion.

Fiber and prebiotics

Probiotics are used to help balance the bacteria in your gut, but like all bacteria, it needs a food source. These energy sources for the healthy bacteria to grow are also great sources of dietary fiber.

Fiber is a very important part of your diet, and it is also the most often ignored nutrient. The best sources of fiber are fresh fruits and vegetables with which you eat the rind, as well as starchy vegetables. 

Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs)

SCFAs are molecules produced by a healthy gut when it ferments food. These fatty acids will make themselves in your gut if you have the right mix of pro- and prebiotics. However, if you are just starting to create a healthy environment for digestion, you may need to include some new foods in your diet. 

Luckily, the SCFAs can be encouraged to form in the colon through eating foods like beans, legumes, potatoes, rice, bananas, and other resistant starches. These are also excellent sources of dietary fiber and iron.

If you are trying to create a healthy gut after years of digestive issues, you may need a little help getting started. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment to learn about how colon hydrotherapy can jumpstart your new dietary lifestyle.

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