Surprising Health Benefits of Probiotics

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If you are health conscious, you are probably already discovering the benefits of probiotics for gut health, but probiotics actually do much more for you than this. You could enjoy many bonus health benefits when taking probiotics or probiotic supplements. 

Improve Mental Health

There have been many studies that show that probiotics and gut health can be linked to mood and some mental health disorders. The disorders most often tried and proven to improve with probiotics include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Autism
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Memory issues

Most people with a mental illness can get some benefit from probiotics.

Improve Heart Health

Probiotics have been shown to consistently lower low bad (LDL) cholesterol and may even increase good (HDL) cholesterol. Probiotics can also lower your blood pressure. However, researchers have found that it may take at least eight weeks of probiotic supplementation before you will begin to see results.

Boost Immune System

Studies have shown that probiotics could give your immune system a boost. At the least, it has been proven that some probiotics can boost the production of antibodies in the body. They may also boost immune cells.

Boost Weight Loss

If you’ve been struggling to get past that plateau and start losing again, you may be able to jumpstart your body back into weight loss mode. Some probiotics can prevent the absorption of fat, decrease your appetite, and boost metabolism. One study found that women could lose up to 50 percent more weight when supplementing with probiotics.

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