What Is a Leaky Gut?

The health of your gut makes an impact on far more aspects of your life than you might think. Your mood, the quality of your sleep, and the health of your brain, heart, and immune system are all intertwined with your gut. So for those experiencing a leaky gut, the health ramifications can be significant. Thankfully, treatments designed to boost the health of the gut at Body Flow Wellness can help people with a leaky gut find relief. 

Defining a Leaky Gut

A leaky gut may also be called increased intestinal permeability. Awareness of this gut health concern has been increasing in recent years, but it remains a fairly mysterious condition among medical professionals. People with a leaky gut often have trouble receiving a diagnosis, making it even more difficult to achieve optimal gut health. 

When someone has a leaky gut, it means that the lining of their gut is in poor condition. It may be cracked or have holes in it. These weak points in the lining of the gut cause toxins, food, and other substances to reach the tissues underneath the gut lining. This can lead to inflammation and unhealthy bacteria in the digestive tract, as well as throughout the body. 

Symptoms of a Leaky Gut

People with a leaky gut often experience:

  • Bloating
  • Cramps and aches
  • Sensitivity to certain foods
  • Constipation
  • Headaches 
  • Trouble focusing
  • Skin conditions like acne and eczema

Treating a Leaky Gut

When it comes to treating a leaky gut, lifestyle changes and self-care can help improve your gut health for reduced symptoms. A diet that’s high in fiber and low in refined carbohydrates can offer improvements to your gut health. Limiting alcohol and taking a probiotic supplement may also be helpful.

Stress can play a large role in your overall health. By keeping stress levels to a minimum, you can reduce inflammation in your body and may improve the health of your gut. 

Colon Hydrotherapy for Leaky Gut

Colon hydrotherapy may help relieve leaky gut syndrome by reducing toxins and harmful bacteria in the gut. By flushing out toxins and stool buildup in the colon, this treatment can also reduce inflammatory chemicals that contribute to leaky gut symptoms. This can lead to greater comfort and overall wellness. 

To learn more about colon hydrotherapy for a leaky gut, contact us at Body Flow Wellness today.

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