What Is a Leaky Gut?

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The health of your gut makes an impact on far more aspects of your life than you might think. Your mood, the quality of your sleep, and the health of your brain, heart, and immune system are all intertwined with your gut. So for those experiencing a leaky gut, the health ramifications can be significant. Thankfully, treatments designed to boost the health of the gut at Body Flow Wellness can help people with a leaky gut find relief. 

Defining a Leaky Gut

A leaky gut may also be called increased intestinal permeability. Awareness of this gut health concern has been increasing in recent years, but it remains a fairly mysterious condition among medical professionals. People with a leaky gut often have trouble receiving a diagnosis, making it even more difficult to achieve optimal gut health. 


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Benefits of Colon Cleansing

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Colon cleansing isn’t a new concept, and people have been doing a “colon cleanse” using various products for decades. However, colon cleansing procedures administered by a licensed medical professional can be very beneficial. Here’s how.

benefits of colon hydrotherapy

Colon cleansing increases the effectiveness of the digestive system.

When your colon is unhealthy, it will eventually lead to an unhealthy gut. All kinds of bacteria can get into your digestive system in this way. When the colon is cleansed and your microbiome is restored, your digestive system will work more effectively, reducing the risk of future problems.


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Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy is a fairly new practice in the U.S., but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a proven treatment. In fact, variations of colon cleansing have been used in many cultures for millenia, and they will continue to be used because they are very safe and effective treatments.

When you first come in for the procedure, colon hydrotherapy will completely cleanse your colon. This cleansing of toxins and waste can benefit you in several ways within the first hours or days of your procedure. These include:


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How To Keep Your Gut Bacteria Healthy

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Do you have a healthy gut? If you frequently have digestive or bowel issues, you may have some unhealthy bacteria in your gut. Like the bacteria that live on your skin, your gut should have healthy bacteria, but harmful bacteria can also enter into the mix. Most people have more bad gut bacteria which causes bloating and gas. And when that happens, you need to take measures to protect your gut health.


Probiotics are the best way to balance gut bacteria. Probiotics are available as supplements, or you can get them from Greek or fortified yogurt, as well as a other fermented food sources. Adding probiotics to your diet will balance the bacteria in your gut and improve digestion.


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Natural Ways to Relieve Constipation

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Constipation can happen for a number of reasons.. Constipation can be caused by anything from a change in diet to a new medication. Regardless of what is causing your constipation, you need to resolve it before it becomes a more serious blockage. Here are some natural ways to relieve constipation.

Increase fiber intake.

This is a good rule to follow even if your constipation isn’t frequent. Getting enough fiber in your diet can be difficult at times, especially when fresh fruits and vegetables are out of season. You can get fiber from whole grains like oats and granola, or you can get fiber from some protein sources like beans. Recommend 25-30 grams a day.  A good way to increase is to blend fruits & veggies in a smoothie. Juicing veggies extracts the fibrous pulp from the vegetables. 


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How You Can Be Constipated with Daily Bowel Movements

When most people hear the word “constipation,” they think of not being able to have a bowel movement at all. But in reality, there are different ways that you can be constipated that can actually make it seem as though you have the opposite problem.

What is constipation?

Sure, when you can’t go to the bathroom for a few days, you are clearly constipated, but constipation is simply the term for when your bowels do not completely empty. You can have a bowel movement every morning like clockwork, but it doesn’t mean you’ve rid yourself of all the waste.


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Surprising Health Benefits of Probiotics

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If you are health conscious, you are probably already discovering the benefits of probiotics for gut health, but probiotics actually do much more for you than this. You could enjoy many bonus health benefits when taking probiotics or probiotic supplements. 

Improve Mental Health

There have been many studies that show that probiotics and gut health can be linked to mood and some mental health disorders. The disorders most often tried and proven to improve with probiotics include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Autism
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Memory issues

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How to Improve Gut Health

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Most people don’t realize that a healthy gut is vital to your overall health. A healthy gut has been linked to immune system performance, mental health, improvement of autoimmune disorders, diabetes, and even cancer. If you want to improve your overall health, improving your gut health is a good first step. Here are a few ways that you can do that.

Changing the Way You Eat

Your gut is impacted not just by what you eat, but how you eat. It is best to take small bites and chew slowly. The slower you eat your meals, the easier it will be for your gut to digest them fully. This can promote the absorption of nutrients while reducing gas and discomfort. Reducing the amount of sugar, high-fat, and processed foods can also improve gut health.


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Probiotics and Probiotic Foods

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Anyone concerned about their overall health should look at probiotics and probiotic foods. Probiotics improve gut health, which is more important than previously thought. Gut health affects your immune system, heart health, brain health, improved mood and sleep, and effective digestion. Here’s what you need to know about incorporating probiotics into your diet.

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are actually made up of a type of bacteria. Most people think of bacteria as a bad thing, but in reality your body is full of different types of bacteria. Some bacteria is important for your health. Probiotics can also be made up of certain yeasts.


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Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy may seem like a new procedure, but it has actually been practiced for many years dating back as early as 1500 B.C.  It is just now gaining popularity in the United States. Colon cleansing helps to detoxify your body and reduce your risk of colon cancer, as well as many other health benefits.

Improved Digestion

The colon cleanse gently removes waste, bacteria, and toxins from your digestive system, allowing it to do a better job of absorbing vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.


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